Improving your business and bottom line has never been so easy. If you are looking for design, build out, marketing, branding, customer service, client retention, sales, or culture, B1 Marketing is your one stop shop! With 24+ years of experience and helping 100’s of offices we have the keys to success.

Live Agents

If you’re looking to hiring telemarketers or customer services, B1 Marketing has you covered. With state-of-the-art facilities in multiple countries, we have the technology and skill set needed to build successful campaigns. Live Agents do all hard work so you and your team can focus on sales.

Inbound Calls

When it comes to marketing inbound calls, areone of thebest ways to market your product or service. Potential customers will see ad online, then they will be prompted to click to call for more information. These calls are 100% compliant and have one of the highest closing percentages in any industry.

BPO Agents

If your center is looking to outsource your tedious daily tasks this is your solution. We have agents experienced data entry, online customer service, claims processing, digital transcription and content creation. Our agents strive for success and efficiency by putting these tasks in our hands. This will alleviate the stress of day to day management.

Prospect List

We are not just another marketing company. When it comes to targeting the correct potential clients for your business B1 Marketing Group has all the answers. Do not waste time speaking to people who are not interested in your services. We have 100% opt-in data for various industries that is sure to provide your business the ROI you have been looking for.

Phone Systems

Trying to reduce your costs of your phone system or dialer? Let us help build you a fully customized platform for you to not only save costs but help free up costly man hours of reporting. Transform your call center into new age technology to help increase performance and sales goals. Transform your call center into new age technology to help increase performance.


1,000+ Satisfied Clients

Excellent!! Hiring agents to do my solar lead gen from B1 Marketing has been the best decision I have ever made. The startup was simple, the agents are high quality, and my CPA has been reduced by half. I keep adding more reps and my business keeps growing!

K. Olsen

B1 Marketing has more inside information about Auto Warranty data and the process than anyone I have run across. I started using their data fist and my business jumped. Once I started using their reps as well, my business exploded. B1 is professional and easy to work with, the results are unmistakable.

S. Williams

My marketing business was in a rut. I wasn’t seeing any growth, just maintaining. Then I hired the consultants at B1 Marketing. They came in and analyzed every aspect of my business from scripting to comp plans, even to the way I decorated and laid out my call center. I noticed an increase in employee satisfaction, culture, and production immediately. They gave me all the right tips to take my business to the next level.

M. Petrowski